Chili – the classic cookin' under the stars dish – and our Texas State Fair Chili is sure to make you a happy camper!

This hearty chili is chock full of lean ground beef, red beans, kidney beans, ripe red tomatoes, onions and peppers.  Topped off Texas State Fair style with Fritos Corn Chips, Monterey Jack Cheese and a splash of Texas Pete's Hot Sauce for good measure.  Definitely a belly pleaser!

And since all you need is boiling water, chuckwagon chefs of all skill levels can whip this Chili up in no time.

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Texas State Fair Chili
Texas State Fair ChiliTwo single serving portions of Texas State Fair ChiliTexas State Fair Chili
Texas State Fair ChiliTwo single serving portions of Texas State Fair ChiliTexas State Fair Chili
Two single serving portions of Texas State Fair Chili
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Cook–in–BagTM – Just Add Water!

Difficulty Water Required Temperature Cook Time Makes
Easy 12 ounces
Boiling Water ~ 10 minutes
18 ounces


  • Dietary Considerations: Meat Dish (Ground Beef); Gluten Conscious
  • Meal Net Weight:  5.6 oz | 161 g   Meal Packaged Weight:  6.9 oz | 195 g
  • Meal Kit includes:  seasoned chili mix; corn chips & cheese packet; Texas Pete's Hot Sauce; step-by-step instructions; Cook-in-BagTM
  • Required:  boiling water
  • Recommended:  long-handled spoon; Cook-in-CozyTM

    *Gluten Conscious is a term we use to describe a product that is prepared with gluten free ingredients;
     however, it is not prepared in a gluten-free environment.

Nutrition & Ingredients

"The bane of some camping food: lack of texture. The bane of most: lack of flavor. This stewy meal ups the ante on both. The base is a meaty, tomato-based broth packed with as much flavor as the Lone Star State itself. But the proverbial icing on the cake? Included toppings of crushed Frito-style corn chips, shredded cheese and a packet of Texas Pete Hot Sauce that will warm your insides on a cold night."     

Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice/Gear Guide, Spring 2012

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  • Author: DAVID WOLFFE
    Great Taste, just enough heat with the Pete's. Please add a large bag of Fitos to the chili kit... Will pay extra!
  • Author: Abbie Loyd
    Perfect for cold nights when your food needs to stick to your ribs and warm your soul. Ritz crackers and you’ll be in happy belly heaven!
  • Author: Misti Elting
    Yum, yum, yum! I was hesitant because I'm picky about meat, snobby actually. It was easy to prepare, rich and thick, flavorful and warmed us up as we stood under a tree in a rainstorm at the Linville Gorge. My husband and I shared one, but not again!!
    I want my own!! I'm ordering more and this time adding the sour cream packets!
  • Author: Vincent Martines
    I look forward to my trips so I have an excuse to buy more packitgourmet meals!
    Redemption from other generic brand meals has come.
    Love that they are made right here in the US of A
  • Author: Ray Klahne
    One of my very favorites! Flavorful and filling. I now try to eat all my chili topped with Fritos!!
  • Author: Julie L
    Another Packit Gourmet winner! This is the best dehydrated chili ever. The chips and hot sauce packet give this the bit of crunch and spice that make this chili special. And the cheese... fabulous. Thanks for another winner.
  • Author: John G.
    Cooked this up on a nice winter hike over the week-end. Boy howdy - that's good! I don't think I can make chili that tasty. Nice job guys.
  • Author: Jeremy B.
    Loads of flavor, a bit high on the salt, but overall a great meal to have after a long day on the trail. Prep was super easy and obviously there was zero cleanup. Nice job guys!
  • Author: Keith R
    I've had chili before but not quite like this. Great taste, easy preparation, nice touch with the extra cheese and corn chip condiments. I'm adding this one to my list of preferred meals. Very tasty. Make sure to use a cozy in the preparation.
  • Author: Dan
    Been watching Shug's YouTube vids for about a year now. Seems this was his goto dinner thought I'd give it a shot..... Bam! It was outstanding and I will be keeping high in my trip menu plans from now on.
  • Author: Thomas C
    Outstanding product. Cooks easy, tastes terrific. Born and raised in Texas and this is good chile. Even with the beans! Hearty and hits the spot!
  • Author: Larry A.
    I’ve tried a variety of backpacking meals and wasn’t expecting much when I picked this up for an over night trip. But was I ever wrong. Outstanding to say the least, and very satisfying after a long day on the trail. This has changed my outlook on rehydrated meals. Great job!
  • Author: Bob Wampler
    I watched a review of this chili on a YouTube channel, "Feral Woodcraft", and I knew I had to try it. It is excellent, and you can tell the ingredients were made fresh prior to shipping. Just awesome.
  • Author: Tara Crocco
    I was truly impressed with how this chili tasted!! Texture and flavour on point!!!
  • Author: Jack G.
    Took this meal to the BWCA. The serving size was perfect for one person. This meal was delicious especially with the included hot sauce and chips/cheese packet. I will take this again.
  • Author: Shawn Cleary
    OK, this one just went to the top of my list...the chili was good by itself, but add all the fixin's and Whoo, Buddy! That's some good eats!
  • Author: Jeremiah G
    I wasn't expecting too much, considering that most trail meals are at best average and at worst barely palatable. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I made this on a recent trip. Lots of flavor, the fritos add great crunch and texture - this meal was better than the chili I make at home (though I admit I'm not a chili aficionado). The best part is that it actually tastes like "real" food! Had I not just made it in a bag I wouldn't have known it was rehydrated food. I just ordered a few more for my next trip. Thanks!
  • Author: Steve A
    While i do not agree with others about this being the best chili, it is rather tasty and better then store ough, great for a rehydrated meal mind you. Chili for me is meatier and more flavourful, the other meals i have had gumbo and chicken dumplings are my two fav's. but if you like chili like i do on a long trek i think this would do the job!
  • Author: Jarin W
    I don't know if it was the hike, but this was probably THE BEST chili I've ever had!
  • Author: Thomas Jones Sr.
    My daughter and I just had the pleasure of eating this meal on a recent 2 day on the Appalachian Trail.It was delicious and really hit the spot on a cool night.I will be buying more for my future journeys.
  • Author: Andrew Conrad
    Just tried your Texas state fair chili. I cannot believe how unbelievably fantastic it was. Well done!
  • Author: Vincent Petty
    This was great! Probably the easiest meal on the site to prepare and tasted like it should, especially considering its a freeze dried meal. My one suggestion would be less beans and more tomatoes. Also found that I needed to add more water than suggested.
  • Author: Debra PODESTA
    this meal was excellant!
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