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Packit Gourmet's trail meals are hand-mixed in small batches and packed to order.

We lean on our own backcountry experience in both creating Packit Gourmet meals and in curating the grocery items we stock on our shelves. We taste-test each and every item offered to ensure that the flavor, texture, nutrition and appearance of our trail meals are equal to what we eat at home.

We understand that size, weight, water, resource conservation and packaging are important considerations, so we select items with that in mind. If we wouldn’t use, eat or carry it – we won’t sell it in our store.

We believe quality ingredients and a focus on flavor make a big difference.

Our "just add" meals contain all of the necessary components to create a delicious dish: quality freeze-dried and dehydrated produce, lean proteins and robust seasoning blends to create a completely balanced and flavorful meal. Each self-stable mix is packed along with condiments, toppings or garnishes as a complete dish. If a meal tastes best with a drizzle of Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce, a splash of Olive Oil for a quick fry, or a sprinkle of cheddar cheese — we include it!

Inspired by family recipes, classic homemade flavors are featured in every meal we offer – comfort food with hand-picked ingredients to ensure the best product possible.

We make it for you exactly the way we make it for ourselves.

Every single component you need to create a delicious homemade-tasting meal in the backcountry is perfectly contained in a Cook-in-Bag ™.

Meal Packaging Designed With You in Mind.

Color-coded labels with easy-to-read meal descriptions and at-a-glance cooking instructions...


...Flip your Cook-in-Bag over and you'll find detailed step-by-step instructions on the back.