Diner Deluxe Eggs with Sausage

Diner Deluxe Eggs with Sausage

Diner Deluxe Eggs with Sausage

seasoned eggs with pork sausage, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions, peppers & cheese

Our real all–natural egg crystals are chock-full of vegetables and cheese making them more like an omelette than traditional scrambled eggs. The flavor and texture of this amazingly delicious egg scramble are definitely good enough to serve at the local diner!

Want to take it up a notch? You have the option of adding our homemade Pico de Gallo Salsa for a spicy kick!

4.6 fork rating
(from 10 fork ratings)
Add Salsa:


  • 1 Serving Meal
  • Dietary Considerations:  meat dish (pork sausage); gluten conscious
    • all-natural ingredients
    • 460 calories
    • 24 g protein
  • Meal Net Weight:  2.9 oz | 83 g     
  • Meal Kit Includes:  seasoned egg mix with pork sausage, vegetables & cheese;  organic extra virgin olive oil packet
  • Required:  cool water to mix;  fry pan to cook
  • Recommended:  long–handled spoon; heat-tolerant spatula
  • Meal Option:  Packit Gourmet's homemade Pico de Gallo Salsa – packaged in a separate Cook-in-Bag™  
  • Insider Tip: 
    • Our eggs are from hormone and antibiotic free chickens fed a vegetarian diet
    • If carrying a frying pan isn’t an option, using our Boilable–Bag™ technique will do the trick — see the FAQ for more info! 


Cooking method
pan fry
Water required
6 ounces
cool water
Cook time
10 minutes
10 ounces (~3 eggs)

Cooking instructions

olive oil packet and natural desiccant.
3/4 cup (6 oz / 177 ml) of cool water to the pouch and stir.
air from pouch; seal, shake and massage lumps away. Set aside for 5 minutes to allow flavors to blend.
olive oil into skillet & heat to a sizzle. Then add egg mixture.
eggs, stirring with a spatula, until scrambled and firm.
your Diner Deluxe Eggs with Sausage!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Crystalized Whole Egg (whole eggs, yolk, dried egg whites), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pork Sausage (pork, salt, spices, sugar, sodium phosphate), Colby-Jack Cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, annatto), Red Pepper Spice (salt, spices, garlic, silicon dioxide), Spices, Green Bell Pepper, Diced Sweet Onion, Spinach, Diced Red Tomatoes (tomatoes, citric acid, calcium chloride), Mushrooms, Organic Chives
Special Notes:



Customer Reviews

4.6 fork rating
(from 10 fork ratings)

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by Heather Wisner
I'm a morning person, and I love good hearty breakfasts to start the day. I decided to give this a try, and gosh, I'm glad I did. I'm so used to throwing hot water in a meal and go that this was an excellent opportunity for me to sit back and enjoy preparing a meal. The directions were clear, and thankfully I had the time this particular morning to make it. I work in emergency services, so seconds count. This time I was early at training, so I had the moments to spare. The egg reconstituted perfectly, and smell from cooking it made my mouth just water. I have not gotten that before with other products. I was so hungry that morning as I was high in the Rocky Mountains. I ate it straight from the cooking pot, and it was delicious. There is a touch of spice without being overbearing and wholesome, fulfilling breakfast. Gave me the energy I needed to push through the day until dinner. This meal is going to become my go-to breakfast; it reminds me to slow down, enjoy the journey, and take a few minutes to prepare for the day with love. Thank you. I'll be ordering again soon!

by Amanda Byrd
Delicious! I am a vegetable lover so added Packit's dehydrated broccoli as well. Totally worth carrying the weight of and scrubbing the pan. However, if in the future I decide to challenge myself to reduce weight carried, I may choose to stick with cook-in-the-pouch options only.

by Dave Gifford
This breakfast was fantastic. I was fretting over having to pack a pan to fry it in, but it was so good I am now looking for that pan.

by Brandon Gill
Very tasty and the egg texture is so good. I was skeptical being pretty picky about my scrambled eggs. But this totally won me over.

by Wayne Friesen

by Amy Bruce
Oh my. This was heaven! Very flavorful with just the right amount of spicey heat to it. Next time I might add some rice to it for some bulk. Will buy again

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gluten Conscious?
Gluten Conscious is a term we use to describe a product that is prepared with gluten free ingredients; however, it is not prepared in a gluten-free environment. While we are careful to avoid cross-contamination, it is possible that trace amounts of gluten may be present due to the use of gluten in our facility
How do I use the Boilable–Bag™ technique?

If carrying a frying pan isn't an option, then using our Boilable Bag technique will do the trick! Fill your Boilable Bag (purchase separately) with your egg mix (pour in as a mix or mix in the bag) and cinch with a tie or a clip. Then, immerse the filled portion of the bag in boiling water. Open and stir midway through. Remove when cooked through and your eggs resemble an omelette. Recycle your boiling water for a hot cuppa Joe!

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