• Trail Meals


With 50+ unique and hand-packed camping meals, we keep you hiking! 


Tuscan Beef Stew with Creamy Polenta

'The Big Easy' Gumbo


Packit Gourmet's trail meals are hand-mixed in small batches and packed to order.

Our "just add water" meals consist of all necessary freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables, proteins and spices to create a complete meal. This dry mix is then packed as a “meal kit” to include condiments, toppings or garnishes. Whether we think a meal tastes best with a drizzle of Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce or Olive Oil is needed for a quick fry — we include it!

For example, the Austintacious Tortilla Soup includes the mix of dried ingredients (chipotle chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes, onion, and more), as well as a packet of concentrated chicken broth, a packet of lime powder and a topping of dehydrated jack cheese and tortilla chips.

Every component you need to create a delicious home-cooked meal on the trail is 
sealed and contained perfectly in a Cook-in-BagTM.



Kickin' Chicken Hot Wings Wrap: (1) Pour ingredients out of the package,
(2) Rehydrate, (3) Divide, (4) Conquer!


What Makes a Packit Gourmet Meal Unique?

We are unique in that we are a completely family-run business.  We remain a small business and are happy in expanding organically through word-of-mouth and reviews.

Our limited size allows us to have more control over the products that we purchase, produce and make available to our customers. Our meals are hand-mixed in small batches – and packaged by hand – so no mechanization.  This allows us to spot check flavors and quality so that we are confident that each meal going out is something we would enjoy ourselves in the backcountry.  

We also feel fortunate to be located in the Texas Hill Country – so we literally live, work and play in “the great outdoors” each and every day.


In Addition...

• Organic and Natural ingredients are used when possible

• Vegetarian and gluten free meals are available

• We do our best to minimize the weight of meal packs without sacrificing flavor 

• Easy step-by-step instructions are providing for both on the trail, or cooking at home

• Each meal features an at-a-glance chart showing:
  • Serving Size
  • Number of Pots Needed to Cook
  • Water Need
  • Heat Need
  • Approximate Cook Time
  • Prep Ease 

• All meals are packaged in a Cook-in-BagTM allowing meals to be mixed or cooked within the provided bag with no clean-up. A Cook-in-BagTM is a resealable plastic pouch approved for freezing, boiling and microwaving. Cook-in-BagsTM have a 3" flat bottom allowing liquids to be poured directly into the bag. This pouch also makes a great "pack out" container for storing and sealing meal waste products. Please leave no trace!



What inspires the Packit Gourmet meals?



Debbie mixes up a batch of Big'Un Burrito with Fajita Chicken


"Our roots are in the deep South regions of the United States;  but our travels have exposed us to flavors worldwide.  That being said, most of the flavors you’ll find in our meal offerings are inspired by our own home-cooking experience and the comfort foods that we enjoy best ourselves.   

For example, the Dottie of “Dottie’s Chicken and Dumplings” fame, is named after my mother  —  a world class Chicken and Dumplings cook.  So I have that “taste in my mouth” and in my memory when I am creating these meals; I keep tweaking until the flavors reach that expectation.

— Debbie Mullins, Co-Owner/Chief Creative Officer