Santa Fe Corn Pudding

Santa Fe Corn Pudding

Santa Fe Corn Pudding

stone-ground cornmeal with fire-roasted sweet corn, green chiles & cheddar-jack cheese

Our take on native-corn-based comfort food, this savory "soufflé" is a blend of both fire-roasted whole kernel and cream-style sweet corn, cheddar-jack cheese, green chile peppers and southwestern spices - with just a hint of maple sugar thrown in to balance flavors.

The prep is easy - just add hot water - and the taste is Santa Fe sublime!

4.32 fork rating
(from 432 fork ratings)


  • 1 Serving Meal
  • Dietary Considerations:  vegetarian; gluten conscious
    • all-natural ingredients
    • 480 calories
    • 19 g protein
  • Meal Net Weight:  4.0 oz | 115 g    
  • Meal Includes:  seasoned corn pudding mix
  • Required:  boiling water
  • Recommended:  long–handled spoon;  Cook-in-Cozy™



Cooking method
just add water
Water required
8 ounces
boiling water
Cook time
10 minutes
10 ounces

Cooking instructions

natural desiccant.
1 cup (8 oz / 236 ml) of boiling water to the pouch and stir.
air from pouch and seal.

for 10 minutes.

Cook-in-Cozy™ recommended but not required.

to blend.

your Santa Fe Corn Pudding!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Polenta (corn meal), Monterey Jack Cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), Whole Milk, Organic Fire-Roasted Yellow Corn, Cheddar Cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, annatto), Organic Whole Kernel Yellow Corn, Organic Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, Organic Gluten-Free Flour (organic sweet brown rice flour, organic tapioca starch, organic brown rice flour, organic arrowroot powder, organic sorghum flour, xanthan gum), Red and Green Bell Peppers, Butter (sweet cream, salt, annatto, nonfat milk solids, sodium caseinate, disodium phosphate), Jalapeno Pepper, Chipotle Spice (salt, garlic, onion, sugar, spices), Spices, Green Onions
Special Notes:



Customer Reviews

4.32 fork rating
(from 432 fork ratings)

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by Jonna Brown
Loved it. Little bit spicy and that makes me happy.

by Brad Lindstrom
Really not very good. I cannot recommend this dish. I really like a lot of their other food, but I will not buy this again.

by Heather Baiman
I liked this ok, the corn adds texture. I highly recommend and prefer the Savory Italian Polenta with Pork Sausage and the West Memphis Grits Souffle instead.

O.K. I'm so Bad! This order was for a clients trip. The box wasn't in my hands two minutes when I opened it and made the Corn Pudding. It was so good, and I don't feel guilty at all! Way to go Packit.

by Ron Mueller
Mmm Mmm Good. It re-hydrated well and needed no addition seasoning to be quite good. Just a touch of spice from the chilies, which I loved, and the textures and flavors blended well. I'll be getting more of this.

by John King
Very tasty and filling. Had it this past week on a rainy morning during a three day trip. It's going to be one of my go to breakfasts going forward

by Thomas J.
This breakfast rehydrates very well. I did give it a few extra minutes, as I was busy doing other things. A nice bit of heat that my wife and I both enjoyed. I agree with the other review about it needing a pack of honey, but my wife believes it is best left without the added sweetness, Personal preference on that, I think. We will purchase this again.

by puppethaze
Very filling, and cooked fast even without a cook cozy (in warm weather). A little bland so I'd suggest bringing some maple sugar or cheese or hot sauce to add.

by Dan
My wife loved this stuff.

by Keith R
Hmmm...very interesting taste. Roasted corn and corn meal with a hint of peppers. Sounds good but to be honest it was not my favorite. Having a name like "corn pudding" I expected something a little sweeter. I think I would have liked it better with a drizzle of honey. Maybe a pack of honey or brown sugar could be included.

by Donald Delahanty
Outstanding! Incredible flavor. Before I took my first taste, I thought I made a batch of cement. Not so! I will always have 1 or 2 of these with me. Unbelievably delicious!!!

by CoreyR
Very good though a tad spicey. I have a hietal hernia and I find Pack-it-Gourmets meals are often a bit too "tex-mex" for me.

by Gabino
I really enjoy the cheese peppers and syrup in the morning - it has a nice kick to get you going. I like it a little bit more runny so I add a little more water. Remember at altitude to let this soak a little longer. You can also try adding some extra sweetness or hot sauce to change it up. It would be great if this came with an extra packet of honey/syrup and hot sauce.

by Marjorie Woodruff
Really good alternative to oatmeal and just spicey enough

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Press articles

Warm your insides with this sweet-and-spicy, polenta-based mix loaded with Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos and maple syrup. This five-minute meal (just add hot water) was a tester favorite on chilly Iceland mornings. "The spice fired me up," declares one, "and with a drizzle of honey, it's heaven!".

— Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice/Gear Guide, Fall 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gluten Conscious?
Gluten Conscious is a term we use to describe a product that is prepared with gluten free ingredients; however, it is not prepared in a gluten-free environment. While we are careful to avoid cross-contamination, it is possible that trace amounts of gluten may be present due to the use of gluten in our facility.
Why is a Cook–in–Cozy™ recommended?

We recommend that all of our hot meals spend time "steep-cooking" while snuggled in a Cook-in-Cozy. We find this method promotes a more consistent temperature and steady cook time for Cook-in-Bag preparation; and results in a better serving temperature for your meal. When not in use, our Cook-in-Cozy folds away nicely in your pack for storage and weighs in at only 1.4oz.

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