Queso is a favorite snack/appetizer in Austin, Texas and take our word for it: served with hearty corn tortilla chips –  it is absolutely addicting!!   

Our version of this creamy dip starts with Cheddar-Jack Cheese and includes picante green chile peppers, lucious ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, cilantro and sprinkling of own house-made blend of Tex-Mex seasonings.

Available on its own - or as part of our Happy Hour Snack Pack which includes a carafe of alcohol-free Margarita Mix! BYOB.

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Happy Hour Queso Rico
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Cook–in–BagTM – Just Add Water! –  BYO Chips

Difficulty Water Required Temperature Cook Time Makes
3 ounces Boiling Water
~ 5 minutes
8 ounces


  • Dietary Considerations: Vegetarian;  Gluten Conscious*
  • Meal Net Weight:  3.1 oz | 90 g    Meal Packaged Weight:  4.0 oz | 114 g
  • Meal Kit Includes:  seasoned queso mix; step-by-step instructions; Cook-in-BagTM
  • Required:  boiling water; BYO-Chips or Tortillas
  • Recommended:  long-handled spoon; Cook-in-CozyTM
  • Insider Tips:  
    • Queso is also a great way to liven up veggies, rice or pasta!
    • Find Tortilla Chips too delicate to take on the trail?   Try taking traditional flour tortillas and a packet or two of BYO oil;  cut the tortillas into dipping size and toast them lightly in a fry pan until chip-crisp.  

    *Gluten Conscious is a term we use to describe a product that is prepared with gluten free ingredients;
     however, it is not prepared in a gluten-free environment.

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  • Author: CHA
    Spicy, cheesy deliciousness! Great treat to pull out on the trail.
  • Author: Benonia
    This is our favorite item we've tried from Packet Gourmet so far. The taste is unbelievable - very cheesy with a nice kick and fresh taste!
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