Gemelli Twisted Pasta, pre-seasoned with Tuscan Herbs & Spices, combined with a zesty Marinara that includes a market basket full of nutritionally rich vegetables.

This bountiful, quick-cooking one-pot meal brings the familiarity of hearty italian comfort food to the trail .

Parmesan cheese is included for traditional flavor boost!

Note:  The pasta is not an "instant" variety - and requires a cookpot &  nine minutes to cook in boiling water.

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Market Pasta Puttanesca
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Cook–in–BagTM – Just Add Water!

Difficulty Water Required Temperature Cook Time Makes
Easy  16 ounces
Boiling Water
~ 15 minutes
16 ounces


  • Dietary Considerations: Vegetarian Dish
  • Meal Net Weight:  6.8 oz | 196 g     Meal Packaged Weight:  8.2 oz | 232 g
  • Meal Kit Includes:  seasoned gemelli pasta;  marinara mix; organic extra virgin olive oil packet; parmesan cheese packet
  • Required:  Cook-in-PotTM [pasta must be boiled in a POT of water - any standard pot will do]; boiling water
  • Recommended:  long-handled spoon; Cook-in-CozyTM

Nutrition & Ingredients

Very easy to make – all you need is a small pot and 2 cups of water. Everything else is included. Fantastic flavor, whole wheat pasta – Ford claimed it needed meat, but meh, he thinks everything needs meat.

Trail Cooking & The Outdoors


Otherwise known as “whore’s pasta,” Spaghetti Puttanesca is an, um, satisfying, rich meal with enough carbs to keep you going all night long. Packit Gourmet's Market Pasta Puttanesca  strays a bit from the traditional recipe (typically a briny tomato with garlic, anchovies, capers and olives), but it tastes damn good and is a snap to prepare.                                        Backpacker Magazine - Spring 2011

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  • Author: Ray Klahne
    Another one of my favorites! Flavorful and filling. Takes a little extra work to prepare so plan ahead, but well worth the extra effort!
  • Author: Kyle G.
    Very good meal i had mine with ground beef and my ground beef had a little trouble re-hydrating. I just left it for longer than said in the eater and it was fine. Vegetables re-hydrated nice and the sauce was very good :)
  • Author: Trevor Banner
    4 Stars
    Even though I won't normally take foods along on trips that require "cooking" like pastas do, since my son was gonna pack in a "real stove" (pocket rocket), we went ahead and tried this one. Definitely NOT a mistake!!! Very good flavor that had me wishing I'd brought in some sourdough bread.
    Might get 4+stars if I didn't have to boil the pasta.
  • Author: Russ Sutherland
    I would say that this was one of my favorite meals from the sample pack that I ordered. There was a generous portion and the taste was awesome. I loved this. I don't know if I should be thinking about backpacking food now that my trip is over, but I am. This was not just good backpacking food, but good food. Can't wait for my next trip
  • Author: Vincent Petty
    Absolutely the worst backpacking food I have tried. None of the flavors melded together with the sause simply bland and the vegetables over powering any other flavors there might have been. All finished off in the end with a very unpleasant bitter aftertaste. Will not ever try this one again.
  • Author: Debra PODESTA
    tasted better than i expected. I would repackage to save on weight if backpacking
  • Author: jrcamp
    This is the best item on the website in my opinion. I am suprised it has not recieved more attention. I have tried every dinner on this site and this one is my favorite by far. Try it, it will not let you down.
  • Author: Thomas V.
    Stove used: MSR Simmerlite
    This was a tasty meal. I am not a huge pasta fan, but for a nice warm meal it was a big step above ramen noodles or any other instant noodles meals. The addition of the sauce and dry vegetables was a touch that really makes this a treat. I am very used to plain cheesy pasta dishes on the trail, but this dish was just different enough to make me want to try it again.

    The serving size was just on the verge of being enough for a dinner and a bit too much for lunch. Adding dehydrated tuna or turkey to it would probably make it just the perfect portions size for a trail dinner. As with most of the Packit Gourmet meals, the veggies are what make this meal a notch better. The added texture and flavors just adds enough zip to make it better than I expected.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Bob S.
    I cooked this one for dinner after stopping for the night. I used my Vargo Jet-Ti mostly because of the length of time it took to cook and my alcohol stove does not simmer. It is full on or off. Cooking time took a lot longer that indicated. Could have been the altitude. Serving size was about the same as the Bangers and mash and one again I wished there was more.

    Preparation: Prep is pretty straight forward. Add some water to the sauce packet, set aside, boil the pasta for 9 minutes (it took 14 minutes), add the sauce and vegi packet and cover and let sit for 5 minutes. It was a little runny so I let it sit another 10 minutes and the consistency was better.

    Taste: This had a nice tomato sauce with lots of veggies. The Parmesan packet was a nice addition to sprinkle on top.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Trevor
    The Market Pasta Puttanesca was very good. It beat the heck out of the "MH" spaghetti that was the dinner of another on the trip, hands down. Both of my buddies thought so as well.
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