Kickin' Chicken Hot Wings Wrap

Kickin' Chicken Hot Wings Wrap

Kickin' Chicken Hot Wings Wrap

Hot wing spiced chicken with celery, carrots, sauteed onion & texas pete hot sauce

Our Kickin' Chicken Hot Wings Wrap brings the spicy goodness of hot wings to the backcountry!

Kickin' seasoned chicken, sweet carrots, celery, green bell pepper and sauteed onion, rehydrate easily with just cool water.  Makes a great off-the-grid trailside lunch or pre-dinner appetizer between friends. Spice it up a notch with the included Texas Pete's Hot Sauce.

4.25 fork rating
(from 388 fork ratings)


  • 1 Serving Meal
  • Dietary Considerations:  meat dish (chicken)
    • 340 calories
    • 46 g protein
  • Meal Net Weight:  3.0 oz | 87 g    
  • Meal Includes:  seasoned chicken salad mix with veggies & fruit; mayonnaise packets; Texas Pete's Hot Sauce
  • Required: cool water
  • Recommended:  long–handled spoon; 2-3 tortillas
Cooking method
just add water
Water required
4 ounces
cool water
Cook time
15 minutes
8 ounces
Bring your own
tortillas or hearty crackers

Cooking instructions

condiment packet and natural clay desiccant.
4 oz (118 ml) of cool water to the pouch and stir.
air from pouch; seal and lay flat.
for 10 minutes - flipping over occasionally.

in mayo and Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

an additional 5 minutes. 


your Kickin' Chicken Hot Wings Wrap on its own or as a wrap in a BYO-tortilla!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Chicken (white chicken meat, salt), Mayonnaise (soybean oil, water, eggs, vinegar, egg yolks, lemon juice, salt sugar, dried onions, dried garlic, paprika, natural flavor, calcium disodium), Hot Sauce Packet (vinegar, aged peppers [peppers, salt, vinegar], water, xanthan gum, benzoate of soda), Carrots, Sauteed White Onions (onion, safflower oil, natural onion flavor [gum arabic, natural flavors, rice concentrate, maltodextrin], caramel coloring), Ranch Dressing (buttermilk powder, garlic, onion, chicken base [salt, whey, sugar, soybean oil, vegetable protein, corn, soy, wheat, chicken, turmeric, yeast extract, maltodextrin, gelatin, celery, garlic], pepper, salt, chives), Smoked Paprika, Celery, Red Bell Pepper, Blackened Spice (spices, salt, onion, garlic), Tabasco (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt, paprika, cayenne), Red Pepper Spice, Garlic Salt, Lemon Juice (corn syrup, lemon juice, lemon oil), Garlic, Tomato Powder (tomato, silicon dioxide), BBQ Spice, Red Chile Pepper, Annatto Seed, Chives, Cilantro
Special Notes:

CONTAINS: Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat


Customer Reviews

4.25 fork rating
(from 388 fork ratings)

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by Randy Cain
Something not rehydrating well in this, just like in the Cajun Chicken one. Nearly every bite I find something strangely hard and crunchy...and not in a good way. I'm only at 2700ft elevation and waited even longer than the instructions specified.
Staff reply
Hi Randy -- I've already written the below message on your similar Cajun Ranch review, but the same applies to our Kickin' Chicken...
We're shocked and mortified to read this! We're so sorry that you experienced difficulty with our Kickin' Chicken rehydrating. In all honesty, in all 10 years we've never experienced this issue personally or thru a customer. We've now made (and eaten!) multiple servings out of the same batch of Kickin' Chicken that you received and are not finding any firm components in the dish. We'll continue to investigate this issue as we definitely do not want our customers to have a negative experience with our meals, and trust your experience. I will contact you directly to remedy this situation!

by Lindsay Ware
You guys knocked it out of the park with this one! Can anything beat the kickin' chicken? I think not.

by Jon L
Really really liked this one. Definitely going to order again. One hot sauce packet was enough for me. (It came with two.) I have an average tolerance for heat, but I'm glad I didn't add the second packet as I think the heat would have overpowered the chicken. I know that everyone has hugely different capacity for heat, so my advice is to mix in the spice last after the chicken is ready and add it slowly, to taste.

by Ashley
This was a great lunch for on the trail. I like it with the mayo and my husband eats it without. Both are great. Super easy to make.

by Gabino
One of my favorites. Lots of spicy chicken with other wholesome goodies. I usually add another mayo and hot sauce packet.

by Michigan Wildflower
Hubby and I split this for lunch during a trip in early September. We made three wraps with small tortillas. We would definitely carry additional hot sauce since we didn't think they were very spicy, but they were really good. Ordering more!

by Kyle G.
Good very spicy, i liked this meal alot :)

by sarah hillebrand
This was my husbands favorite meal while on the trail. I have to agree that it is so yummy. Such a nice break from "trail food"

by Trevor Banner
OK, so with all the fires in the Sierras this year and the extreme fire restrictions. a "just add cool water" prep item was just the ticket. It rehydrated just right and the flavor was, well, wonderful. With the hot sauce provided and half a pita this was a much welcomed, very tasty light lunch. That is, until we tried it and decided to make up another package...then we were FULL and satisfied.

by Bubba the Backpacker
Wow, it's hard to believe that such a good meal can be so simple to fix. 1/2 cup cool water, no heating and no cozy required. Delicious and spicy. You've done it again Packit Gourmet!

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