Ultralight Cook-in-Cozy™

Ultralight Cook-in-Cozy™

We highly recommend pairing our custom made Cook-in-Cozy™ with our trail meals!  The insulated interior allows for the perfect steep-cooking environment — faster rehydration while maintaining a higher temperature for your meal. In testing, we've found that heat loss is three times greater without the Cook-in-Cozy™!

The Cozy perfectly fits two entrée-sized meals when expanded and folds compactly for storage with a weight of 59 grams.

It can also be used to store cool beverages or protect bruisable items.

4.44 fork rating
(from 190 fork ratings)

About Our Cook-in-Cozy™

  • Details:
    • weight: 2.08 oz (59 grams)
    • material: coated polyester exterior with padded foil lining for temperature control
    • dimensions: custom designed to perfectly fit Packit Gourmet meals
      • open - 8.5"w x 8.5"h x 3.5" gusset
      • folded - 8.5"w x 4"h x 1"d
  • Characteristics:
    • water resistant and wipeable exterior allowing for easy cleaning
    • foil insulation for faster meal rehydration while maintaining a higher meal temperature
    • folds away for easy storage
    • standup-gusseted design helps stabilize meal pouches while steep-cooking
    • secure velcro closure
    • convenient carrying handle


Customer Reviews

4.44 fork rating
(from 190 fork ratings)

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by Kevin
It weighs practically nothing and ACTUALLY WORKS. Food cooks better and tastes faster when it's hotter. This is a no-brainer for your backpack. Go ahead and buy one. You can thank me after your next trip to the mountains.

by Daniel King
I love my Cook-In-Cozy! In fact, I like it so much, I ordered a 2nd one. These are perfect! I've put everything from a medium sized pot, to little zip lock bags in them. They fold up small, and weigh next to nothing. If you are doing any kind of backcountry cooking- even just "add hot water" meals- you should have one of these!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the Cook-in-Cozy™ work?

The chart below outlines an experiment conducted by Packit Gourmet employees. It begins with pouring boiling water into a Cook-in-Bag™ trail meal and illustrates the change of temperature to the trail meal as minutes pass — both with a Cook-in-Cozy™ insulating the meal, and without. We found that heat loss is three times greater without the Cook-in-Cozy™!


Minutes Passed


1 195° 195°
2 195° 192°
3 195° 191°
4 194° 190°
5 192° 190°
6 192° 189°
7 190° 188°
8 190° 184°
9 190° 183°
10 190° 181°
11 190° 180°
12 188° 180°
13 188° 180°
14 188° 179°
15 188° 178°
16 188° 175°
17 188° 173°
18 188° 171°
19 187° 170°
20* 187° 170°
Can more than one meal fit into this at a time?
Yes! The Cozy has a 3.5" gusset, so you can easily fit two entrée-sized Packit Gourmet meals in your Cozy. If you are rehydrating smaller items such as our dips or breakfast items, you may able to fit up to 3 meal pouches.

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