Pure chicken stock in a powdered form. This stock powder has not had any salt, sugar or other seasonings added to it, making it the perfect base for your own recipes. A delicious addition to gravies, soups and stews!

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Chicken Stock Powder
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Rehydrate in Hot Water

Difficulty Water Required Temperature Cook Time 2 oz Makes
Easy 1 C Water : 2 T Stock Powder
Hot Water 3-5 Minutes
~ 5 Cups Stock



  • Chicken Stock Powder
    • Powdered
  • Three Available Sizes:
    • Net Weight: 2 oz | 57 g
    • Net Weight: 6 oz | 170 g
    • Net Weight: 14 oz | 397 g
  • Package Yield:
    • 2 oz package yields approximately 5 cups prepared chicken stock
    • 6 oz package yields approximately 15 cups prepared chicken stock
    • 14 oz package yields approximently 35 cups prepared chicken stock


  • Insider Tip: No seasonings have been added to this pure stock powder so salt, spices and other seasonings may be required.


Ingredients: Chicken Stock Powder (stock made with meat, bones and water)

We get the following questions very frequently. Here are the answers:

The Chicken Stock Powder really does contain only the following ingredients: Chicken Stock Powder (stock made with meat, bones and water). No additional ingredients have been added. Not even MSG. It's the real deal.

No salt has been added to our Chicken Stock Powder. The sodium found in the Chicken Stock Powder is naturally occurring sodium found in chicken bones and meat.

Our Chicken Stock Powder is made with chickens from the USA and is completely manufactured in the USA. All raw chicken is inspected and passed by the USDA.

Unfortunately, we cannot package the Chicken Stock Powder in any other quantities. We sell only those quantities listed on the website.

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