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Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad

Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad

Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad

blackened-spiced chicken with celery, chives & cranberries in a creamy ranch dressing

Our easy-prep, protein packed (42 g) Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad tastes like the chicken-salad dear-ole-Mom used to make: seasoned diced chicken, parmesan cheese, chopped red onion, celery, green bell peppers and slightly sweetened cranberries – dressed with creamy mayonnaise.

With the equivalent of 1/3 pound of fresh chicken, this hearty lunch can be enjoyed straight from the pouch or paired with a BYO-Bread-product of your choice!

4.07 fork rating
(from 271 fork ratings)


  • 1 Serving Meal
  • Dietary Considerations:  meat dish (chicken)
    • 420 calories
    • 42 g protein
    • equivalent to 1/3 lb of fresh chicken
  • Meal Net Weight:  2.8 oz | 90 g  
  • Meal Includes:  seasoned chicken salad mix with veggies & fruit;  mayonnaise packets
  • Required:  cool water
  • Recommended:  long-handled spoon; 2-3 tortillas
Cooking method
just add water
Water required
5 ounces
cool water
Cook time
15 minutes
8 ounces
Bring your own
tortillas or hearty crackers

Cooking instructions

condiment packet and natural clay desiccant.
5 oz (148 ml) of cool water to the pouch and stir.
air from pouch; seal and lay flat.
for 5 minutes - flipping over occasionally.

in mayo.

an additional 10 minutes.


your Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad on its own or as a wrap in a BYO-tortilla!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Chicken (white chicken meat, salt), Mayonnaise (soybean oil, water, eggs, vinegar, egg yolks, lemon juice, salt sugar, dried onions, dried garlic, paprika, natural flavor, calcium disodium), Cranberries (cranberries, sugar, cellulose powder, sunflower oil), Parmesan Cheese (partially skim milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, disodium phosphate), Green Bell Pepper, Blackened Spice (spices, salt, onion, garlic), Ranch Dressing (buttermilk powder, garlic, onion, chicken base [salt, whey, sugar, soybean oil, vegetable protein, corn, soy, wheat, chicken, turmeric, yeast extract, maltodextrin, gelatin, celery, garlic], pepper, salt, chives), Red Pepper Spice, Sea Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Lemon Juice (corn syrup, lemon juice, lemon oil), Celery, White Onion, Black Pepper, Shallots, Chives
Special Notes:

CONTAINS: Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat


Customer Reviews

4.07 fork rating
(from 271 fork ratings)

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by Jonna Brown
Just like I’d make at home. You guys kind of amaze me.

by Kim
Amazing! Shared this chicken salad with a fellow backpacker while lunching in a mountainside wildflower basin -- Best view and best chicken salad ever! Re-hydrated this while hiking and it worked out great - lunch was ready when we stopped for a break. :-)

by Randy Cain
Something in it is not rehydrating and is like eating rocks. Maybe the celery? Anyway, into the trash it went after over 20 minutes of rehydrating at only 2700ft elevation. :(
Staff reply
Hi Randy — We're shocked and mortified to read this! We're so sorry that you experienced difficulty with our Cajun Ranch rehydrating. In all honesty, in all 10 years we've never experienced this issue personally or thru a customer. We've now made (and eaten!) multiple servings out of the same batch of Cajun Ranch that you received and are not finding any firm components in the dish. That being said, we trust your judgement and we'll continue to investigate this issue. I will contact you directly to remedy the situation!

by Ardency
Tastes just like fresh deli, and simple prep made Roan Mt even more enjoyable!

by Gabino
What a great lunch meal; lot of chicken with some veggies, fruit and dressing. Add some hot sauce to make it a little more interesting. I sometimes think it could use an additional mayo or even better olive oil packet.

by Denise Chervenak
This was another item I bought PRE-hike to see the size and taste. Solid one serving and taste was great! Already looking forward to the REAL trip and meal time.

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Press articles

My favorite by a mile. I honestly don’t know what they do down there in Texas but their food wins all the awards in my book.
My favorite by a mile. I honestly don’t know what they do down there in Texas but their food wins all the awards in my book. These are the kind of meals I could actually eat at home. My personal favorites are the All-American Burger Wrap, the Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad, the Texas Mesquite Chicken Salad and the Big’un Burrito. The two drawbacks to Pack-it: Several aren’t that light (the Shepherd’s Cottage Pie weights 10.4oz!) and secondly they aren’t cheap (as a believer in getting what you pay for, I’m alright spending the extra dime). Keep in mind that they make these meals as the orders roll in so be sure to order in advance.

— ModernHiker.com

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