The 'Big Easy' Cajun Gumbo

The 'Big Easy' Cajun Gumbo

The 'Big Easy' Cajun Gumbo

andouille-spiced chicken, okra & tomaotes with gumbo filé, long grain louisiana rice & tabasco

Our 'Big Easy' Cajun Gumbo is brimming with New Orleans Soul:  cajun spiced chicken, medium-grain white rice, sliced okra, onion-celery-green peppers (the holy trinity of cajun/creole cooking), roasted sweet corn and red ripe tomatoes – all deliciously swimming in a smokey roux-thickened brothl!  

We even help you jazz it up with an included packet of Louisiana's own Tabasco Sauce.

4.35 fork rating
(from 682 fork ratings)


  • 1 Serving Meal
  • Dietary Considerations:  meat dish (chicken); gluten conscious 
    • 350 calories
    • 28 g protein
  • Meal Net Weight:  4.4 oz | 126 g    
  • Meal Includes:  seasoned gumbo with rice mix; broth concentrate; organic extra virgin oiive oil; Tabasco hot sauce
  • Required:  boiling water
  • Recommended:  adding BYO diced shelf-stable smoked sausage;  long handled spoon;  Cook-in-Cozy
Cooking method
just add water
Water required
16 ounces
boiling water
Cook time
15 minutes
16 ounces

Cooking instructions

condiment packets and natural clay desiccant.
broth concentrate and 16 oz (473 ml) of boiling water to the pouch and stir well.

air from pouch; seal, shake and place in Cook-in-Cozy™

in Cook-in-Cozy™ for 15 minutes.

Tabasco Hot Sauce to your taste.


Ingredients & Nutrition

White Rice, Chicken (white chicken meat, salt), Turkey Stock (turkey stock, natural flavor, salt, turkey fat, maltodextrin, sugar, yeast extract, xanthan gum), Gluten-Free Flour (organic sweet brown rice flour, organic tapioca starch, organic brown rice flour, organic arrowroot powder, organic sorghum flour, xanthan gum), Garlic, Tomato Flakes, Okra, Minced Shallots, Red Bell Pepper, Diced Tomatoes (tomatoes, citric acid, calcium chloride), Red Pepper Spice, Garlic Salt, Tomato Powder (tomato, silicon dioxide), Corn, White Onion, Green Bell Pepper, Fire-Roasted Corn, Ground Sassafras Leaves, Natural Mesquite Smoke, Okra Powder, Celery, Seasoning (paprika, salt, onion, garlic, sugar and other spices), Annatto Seed, Cilantro
Special Notes:


Customer Reviews

4.35 fork rating
(from 682 fork ratings)

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by Peter Ramos
Bought a few different meals to try out on a family camping trip before I use them for my next solo backpacking trip. Gumbo was the first thing on the menu and it was amazing! Everything reconstituted perfectly. Flavors blended wonderfully! I will definitely order more and recommend to everyone I see!

by Randy Cain
This is one of the best trail meals I've EVER had!!!!

by William Ketner
WOW, great meal! I highly recommend this, easy to make and delicious! I made this and the skillet bread for a meal and was very pleased! The tabasco is a nice touch!

by Michael B
Has a good flavor, not to salty, My only hangup is, it like eating boiled okra a little to slimy for me.

by Michael B
I hiked 18 miles that day on the Swamp Fox Passage of the Palmetto Trail in the Low Country of SC. Made camp at Cane Gully. As the temperature dropped into the teens, I prepared The Big Easy Gumbo. It was so good it brought tears to my eyes. What a great memory. Thank you Packit Gourmet!

by Jessica
This was our first Pack it Gourmet that we tried at home before hitting the trail. Easy to prepare, excellent flavor, and filling!

by Paul Carroll
Hands-down the best trail meal I have every tasted! My family loves this so much that we sometimes break down and cook it at home for a regular dinner! I do recommend adding sausage if you can, as this gives it a more complex taste experience, but it is quite good plain. 5 stars for this one!

by Scott
Just received it in the mail. Haven't tried it yet. Even though the box was filled with packing foam, the olive oil packet had opened and everything was coated. Still useable. Not off to a good start.

by Keith R
By far one of the best backpacking meals I've had. I loved the unique taste of gumbo and I will definitely add this to my list of preferred meals on my next adventure. Take the time to make yourself a cozy for your pot or just an envelope type cozy. They make a huge difference in how your food hydrates. A great meal.

by Joe Kuster
I enjoyed this one, probably 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars. Although in retrospect I think it'd have been much better with sausage. I didn't catch that suggestion until I was already on the trail, so it was far too late to do anything about it.

by Ashley
This was fantastic. Definitely one of the best bagged meals I have ever had. Might be my favorite so far. The hot sauce gave it a little kick but it was good without it as well. Very filling and a perfect meal on a cool day out on the trail.

by Tara Crocco
This gumbo was very good! it tastes just made! I am very patient and you have to be so that the ingredients have time to rehydrate. Flavor is on point.

by Skippyjohnson
Mixed in the jalapeño sausage with this. Good hearty meal for one person with enough for my daughter to try some as well. Flavor and texture was excellent.

by Cheryl Taylor
I didn't care for this at all. I think my problem with it is the smoke flavor completely overwhelms it, and all I could taste was liquid smoke. I think if the smoke flavor was toned down it would be excellent.

by Doug L.
I brought two of these to the Boundary Waters for dinner one night. I added some venison/pork sausage form Packit and fed four hungry men. The taste was very good and honestly as good as some restaurant gumbo I have had. My trip mates asked me to bring it again next year.

by Kyle G.
Very very good best of all the meals i have had from them

by Michael Gaasch
Just finished a 3 day backpack trip. This was the best meal of the whole trip. I'm going to eat this again!

by Su P.
Taste tested this at home cooking it in the bag and it tasted better than even frozen or canned dinners on the supermarket shelf. Tasty, not too salty, hearty, big portion, easy to prepare. And the fact that you get real vegetables while eating in the backcountry? What more could I ask for?

by Dave Evans
Are you serious? Magic must exist, since there is no way this should have tasted this damn good. I got the sausage to go with it, and it was better than most of the restaurants in my town. I'm used to sodium filled dehydrated getting by, eating because you have to. Who ever looked forward to dinner on the trail before? I'll never buy another brand.

by Steve a
Wow, this gumbo is absolutely amazing, the right amount of spice and kick to warm you up and it tastes great? Highly recommend, will be my favorite for sometime, i leave a few n my truck for when i travel so i can pull over whip out my alcohol stove and voila a good hearty and healthy meal!

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Press articles

"This hearty, tasty glop is one of the best dehydrated meals I’ve ever had,” declares one editor. A hands-down favorite, the gumbo jumble of chicken, okra—okra!—tomatoes, bell peppers, and rice is nearly foolproof to make: “Add too much water, and it was a nice soup; not enough and it was a rich stew,” says another tester.

— Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice/Gear Guide, Spring 2011

Take the chill out of a winter evening with this hearty, delicious, stew-like entree. Packed with white-meat chicken, long-grain rice and tons of veggies, this savory gumbo had our staff fighting over the last ladle one cold night while camped on a glacier in Norway. “I’d never guess it was dehydrated,” says one tester. “The tubes of concentrated turkey broth give it home-cooked flavor.” Prep couldn’t be simpler: Just add water.

— Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice/Gear Guide, Fall 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Cook–in–Cozy™ recommended?

We recommend that all of our hot meals spend time "steep-cooking" while snuggled in a Cook-in-Cozy. We find this method promotes a more consistent temperature and steady cook time for Cook-in-Bag preparation; and results in a better serving temperature for your meal. When not in use, our Cook-in-Cozy folds away nicely in your pack for storage and weighs in at only 1.4oz.

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