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Berry Berry Jump Start Smoothie

Berry Berry Jump Start Smoothie

Berry Berry Jump Start Smoothie

strawberry-raspberry PURÉE, strawberry dices, high protein whey & greek yogurt

A delicious, slightly sweetened, Strawberry/Raspberry purée is the flavorpoint of our Berry-Berry Jump–Start Smoothie! 

Whey, whole milk and yogurt are added to create a protein-rich powerhouse needed for a quick-start to your day; or a mid-day boost.  

Just add cool water & stir!  Ready to sip in five minutes! 

3.56 fork rating
(from 244 fork ratings)


  • 1 Serving Smoothie
  • Dietary Considerations:  vegetarian; gluten conscious
    • all-natural ingredients
    • 400 calories
    • 34 g protein
  • Meal Net Weight:  3.5 oz | 100 g    
  • Meal Includes:  smoothie mix
  • Required:  cool water
  • Recommended:  long–handled spoon
  • Insider Tip:  Packing a large diameter plastic straw is a great way to sip-and-stroll while you enjoy a Jump Start Smoothie!
Cooking method
just add water
Water required
8 ounces
cool water
Cook time
5 minutes
10 ounces

Cooking instructions

natural desiccant.
1 cup (8 oz / 236 ml) of cool water to the pouch.
air from pouch; seal and shake to blend.

for 5 minutes.

occasionally to blend.

your Berry Berry Smoothie & jump start your day!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Sweet Dairy Whey, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Whole Milk, Raspberry Puree, Strawberry Puree (strawberries, silicon dioxide), Greek Yogurt (nonfat milk solids, culture, lactic acid, natural flavor), Pure Vanilla, Lime Juice (corn syrup, lime juice, lime oil), Strawberries, Sea Salt
Special Notes:



Customer Reviews

3.56 fork rating
(from 244 fork ratings)

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by Tabitha K
I took several of these Berry Berry Jump Start Smoothies with me on a 4-day backpacking & climbing trip to Como Lake in Colorado. It was really handy to not have to heat water and being able to drink it right from the pouch made it that much more convenient. There is a slight protein powder taste to this drink but there is 34grams of protein in each pouch. There were also chunks of berries. I will definitely be purchasing this again for my next extended backpacking trip.
BTW…I found it was much easier to get this smoothie to reconstitute when I would just seal the bag and squeeze it every few minutes versus when I tried to stir it.

by Daniel King
I tried this flavor (the "old" one) and the "Eat-A-Peach" flavor. I Liked them both. The colder your water is, the better this tastes- more like a shake, albeit a watery shake. The bag you mix them in is just stiff enough to drink right out of the bag. Sadly, they don't have the "Eat-A-Peach" flavor anymore. Too bad, it had chunks of real peach in it.

by Trevor
The Fruit Smoothie made for a great desert and goes very well with the 151 rum that I carry as fuel, antiseptic and "pain killer".

by Kevin B.
If you're not set on making your own (I'm quite lazy when it comes to trail food), consider the Jump-Start Fruit Smoothies from PackIt Gourmet. I've only tried the Berry-Berry but it was great. They have 35g of protein and the bag they come in is rigid enough to easily drink from so you don't have any other cleanup.

Originally posted on BackpackingLight

by Debra PODESTA
not filling enough to eat alone

by Gregg
Astonishingly good! We tried these as an experiment and they all got eaten before the trip. They're so great that it's hard to believe they can be late-trip packable food. Time to order more!

Both Berry Berry and Kiwi Berry were favorites.

by David Moore
Very good, highly recommended. I tried every flavour and enjoyed them all. I had one for breakfast with a porridge oats bar and the combination of the two worked well. I even looked forward to breakfast on the trail which is not something that normally happens. The thing I liked the most about them was they packed very well in a bear canister when I was on the JMT.

by Randy Martin
The only thing I use for breakfast in the mountains. It is quickly digested and gives me sustained energy so I can hike for hours. Tastes great as well!!

by M. Staker
just finished a rim to rim grand canyon hike and did a "no cook trip" The smoothies were great for breakfast. Great flavor and actually quite a nice milk flavor. Had the berry based on other reviews but also tried the tropical. Added a blueberry bliss luna bar - perfect breakfast on the trail.

by Edward
The snow was deeper and the trail steeper so we pushed and pushed not to get caught out in the dark. When we finally got back to the hut having had just a few hand fulls of trail mix we were starved and exhausted. This is the perfect meal, easy - real easy- fast and has the calories you need to recover. Every camper, hiker and back country explorer should have one of these for those hard days.

by Jared D
I recently tried both the Berry Berry and Eat A Peach varieties. They were both VERY DELICIOUS with a great fruit flavor. They were also very filling and a nutritious way to start the day. I have done several week long trips on the PCT over the years, and I have been searching for a good "no cook" breakfast option for the days when miles are the goal and quickly hitting the trail at sunrise is critical. These smoothies are the answer! That being said, they are so good, I'll be taking them on all my back country trips, regardless of length. Thank you Packit Gourmet!

by Dan
Don't like the new berry formula, old one was great

by Gabino
One of my favorite 'get going' breakfast meals. Even though it has a good fruit flavor, I embellish it with some crumpled freeze dried fruit just to give it some crunch.

by John Abela

Took the first sip, almost spit it out. Took a second sip, spit it out. Pour the rest out of my cup.

+John Abela

by CoreyR
While spending three days paddling the South Fork of the Shenendoah the Eat a Peach and the Berry Berry were mighty tasty and sure hit the spot in the mornings!

by Ashley
Not a big fan of this one. To me it tasted like protein powder and not very fruity. My husband really liked it how ever. I was hoping for more of a strong fruit flavor and this seemed too bland for me.

by Deadparrot
So far have really enjoyed these! As a vegetarian protein is always my goal in a meal, these are delicious and nutritious! Great for my brand of long kayak camping trips!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gluten Conscious?
Gluten Conscious is a term we use to describe a product that is prepared with gluten free ingredients; however, it is not prepared in a gluten-free environment. While we are careful to avoid cross-contamination, it is possible that trace amounts of gluten may be present due to the use of gluten in our facility.

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