Beef Stock

Beef Stock

All Natural - Dehydrated

Pure beef stock in a powdered form. This stock powder has no added salt or seasonings, making it the perfect base for your own recipes. A delicious addition to gravies, soups and stews!

4.34 fork rating
(from 228 fork ratings)

About Our Beef Stock 

  • Dietary Considerations:  
    • made from hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef; GMO-free
    • made from beef in the USA & the stock is manufactured in the USA; USDA inspected
  • Available Sizes:
    • Net Weight:  2 oz | 57 g
    • Net Weight:  6 oz | 170 g
    • Net Weight:  5 lbs | 2268 g
  • Characteristics:
    • powdered
    • slightly roasted, brothy aroma
  • Insider Tip:  No salt or seasonings have been added to this pure stock powder. Due to this, the initial flavor will not match that of a store-bought stock which is typically made using vegetables, seasonings, herbs, etc.  We recommend following our rehydration instructions, then adjusting the ratio depending on your flavor preference and adding seasonings as needed.
  • Additional Information:  This stock powder is used in our trail meals to enhance the overall flavor of the dish.  We do not personally use this as ‘sipping broth’.  If you are purchasing this broth as a ‘sipping broth’ we recommend purchasing the two-ounce package to ensure the flavor is to your taste.  As with all of our food items, our stock powders are not eligible for a return/refund once received.
Cooking method
just add water
Water required
1 T stock + 1/2 cup water
hot water
Cook time

Ingredients & Nutrition

Beef Stock Powder (stock made with meat, bones and water)
Special Notes:

Nutrition provided for 2 oz package.

Processed in a facility that handles wheat, egg, milk, soybean, peanut and tree nut products. 

Customer Reviews

4.34 fork rating
(from 228 fork ratings)

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by Patrice
I have food allergies and have to make my own backpacking meals. This is the only beef stock that I can season myself. I also use it for everyday use. It is super easy to use and tastes great. I don't measure it I just throw it in the pot to taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pure beef stock?
Our Beef Stock Powder really does contain only the following ingredients: Beef Stock Powder (stock made with meat, bones and water). No additional ingredients have been added. Not even MSG. It's the real deal.
Has salt been added to this beef stock?
No salt has been added to our Beef Stock Powder. The sodium found in the Beef Stock Powder is naturally occurring sodium found in the bones and meat.
Where is the beef sourced from?
Our Beef Stock Powder is made with cows from the USA and is completely manufactured in the USA.
Do you offer any larger quantities?
Unfortunately, we cannot package the Beef Stock Powder in any other quantities. We sell only those quantities listed on the website.

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