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Whether you’re creating your own recipes or taking Packit Gourmet trail meals along on an adventure, we want you to enjoy a satisfying meal when it’s needed the most - in the backcountry.

Top 12 Trail Favorites

See what your fellow hikers are dining on -- here are the most popular breakfast, lunch and dinner meals from the last month!

a family-run business

We love the outdoors, just like you.

As a family that’s spent decades exploring the outdoors and dehydrating our own meals, we’re proud that each item leaving our facility is something we enjoy ourselves.

“Adrienne approved!”
- Adrienne
“Catching some fish and eating some delicious Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad while on our kayak camping trip. These trail meals are so delicious!”
- Riley
“Who knew trail food could be so delicious!!! We tried Packit Gourmet for the first time and they nailed it with their Texas State Fair Chili (not to mention it’s topped with cheese and corn chips)...a backpackers staple!”
- Sarah
“Lunch time in the backcountry can be quick but we definitely took our time to enjoy this Buffalo chicken salad! It was top notch. Also loved your margarita mix!”
- Lindsay
“Thank you, Packit Gourmet, for all the incredible meals we ate on our recent trip to 1000 Island Lake -- EVERY meal was a winner! You guys just don't miss.”
- Mark
“I just did 12 nights in the Adirondacks with all Pack it Gourmet meals. So SO yummy! I won't buy any other backpacking meals. My other favorites were the Chicken Burrito, the All American Burger, the Beef Bolognese, Polenta and Sausage, Corn Chowder and the Chili. This is SERIOUSLY good backpacking food.​”
- Christina
“Cooking up a pasta dinner complete with a ground beef, mushroom, pepper sauce — love the dehydrated grocery items from Packit Gourmet! Fun to come up with your own recipes!”
- Lindsay
“Packit Gourmet has fantastic backpacking food! Austintacious Tortilla Soup is one of my favorites! ”
- Arthur
“Here I am on the first night of my 86 mile PCT section hike in Washington state. I couldn't wait to try out my new #packitgourmet Cook in Cozy with Trailside Bean and Cheese Burritos! One of my favorites! Just the perfect amount of kick! LOVE the Cozy! And no darn dishes to wash! Used it again for breakfast with my all time favorite, Sante Fe Breakfast Corn Pudding! Thank you Packit Gourmet for all your deliciousness!!!!”
- Jodi (Journeys of Snake Jumper)
“Enjoying an All American Works Burger on the flanks of Eldorado Peak!”
- John
“I really enjoyed the Shepherd's Pie at Kearsarge Lakes in King's Canyon Nat'l Park this last week.”
- Keri
“Labor day weekend me and my pup Venus cooking our fav Packit Gourmet meal of beef bolognaise on the Lost Coast Trail.”
- Andy
“Enjoying my All American Works Burger at 10,600' in the Eastern Sierra!”
- Jason (Huck Outdoors)
“If you're backpacking and don't know Packit Gourmet, you are really missing out. Ate their yummy trail nourishment all weekend and LOVED every meal. This is a shot of their Texas State Fair Chili. It was every bit as good as it looks!”
- Jon
“Ramen Rescue's veggies and chicken make a quick and satisfying hot meal on the trail. Thanks, I needed that!!”
- Mike
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