Nothing beats a day spent in the outdoors, hiking, padding, climbing or cycling – and nothing makes it better than satisfying food for the belly! Packit Gourmet delivers a whole new delicious alternative to the "fuel behind the reason" we all trek into the Great Outdoors!

Packit Gourmet meals allow you to start the day off right - with a delicious breakfast that will "jump start" your day; inventive quick-and-easy mid-day boosters to fuel you through the end of the day; and rich home-style comfort-food dinners to end the day not on JUST a positive note - but a resounding belly-rubbing Ahhhh!

Everyone enjoys our award-winning trail meals! The flavors are what you would expect from a meal prepared at home or even one that you’ve received in a restaurant. And the prep couldn’t be easier – most of our meals are just add water (some need only a little cool water!) while a few allow camp-chefs to flex their spatulas and frying pans.

Camp-chefs enjoy exploring our General Grocery, stocked with just about everything you might find in your own grocery store – in a dried, powdered or otherwise shelf-stable form! Allow your recipe book to run wild and create the same meals in the backcountry that you might make at home. The General Grocery is also great for people with specific dietary needs who would like to tailor their menu.

We want to make your outdoor dining experience one to remember and we strive to make it easy for adventurers of all cooking levels to Eat Well on the Trail.


Packit Gourmet's Austintacious Tortilla Soup – Backpacker Magazine's 2009 Editors' Choice Award

Moonshine Margarita & Jamaican Peanut Porridge – Backpacker Magazine 2009 Gear Guide Essentials

Tex Mex Breakfast Taco, Jump-Start Fruit Smoothies, Tuscan Beef Stew, All-American Burger Wrap, Cheddar Jack Cheese Spread - Backpacker Magazine 2010 Gear Guide Essentials