Create your favorite recipes in the wilderness with the same real, high quality meat that you would use at home. Our premium freeze-dried roast beef dices cook quickly and are packed with flavor so that you can enjoy everything from roast beef sandwiches to a rich beefy stew while you’re on the trail.

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Freeze Dried Roast Beef Dices
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Rehydrate in Hot Water

Difficulty Water Required Temperature Cook Time 2 oz Makes
Easy 1 T Water : 1½ T Beef
Hot Water 1 Minute
~ 1½ Cups Beef



  • Roast Beef
    • Freeze-Dried
  • Two Available Sizes:
    • Net Weight: 2 oz | 57 g
    • Net Weight: 10 oz | 283 g
  • Package Yield:
    • 2 oz package yields approximately 1½ cups prepared roast beef
    • 10 oz package yields approximately 7½ cups prepared roast beef


  • Wow!  2 oz of freeze dried roast beef is approximately equivalent to 7oz (0.43 lbs) of fresh roast beef.

Roast Beef: 2 oz

Freeze Dried Roast Beef Nutrition

Roast Beef: 10 oz

Freeze Dried Roast Beef Nutrition

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