Prep Ease

Just how difficult or easy will your meal be to prepare?

We have a range of cooking levels available — everything from just-add-water meals to baking breads and delicious cakes. Every meal includes a Meal Chart on both the website and on the meal package itself to make planning your meals as easy as possible.

Each meal falls into one of three categories: Super EZ, Easy and Chef-It-Up.

  • Super EZ:  These meals are super simple! The only step required is adding cool water and a little time.
  • Easy:  These meals require the addition of hot water. Pour hot water over your food, wait less than 15 minutes and dig in!  A few of these meals do require an extra step such as cutting up sausage or scrambling eggs - but we'll walk you through it!
  • Chef-It-Up:  Our most challenging meals — but oh, so worth it! This category includes all of our breads and our baked desserts because they require a baking kit.

Sample Meal Chart —  Austintacious Tortilla Soup
Serves Weighs  # Pots  Water Need  Heat Need Cook Time  Prep Ease
1 3.6 oz 1 12 oz Boil 10< Easy