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2010 Backpacker Magazine Essential!

Fruit smoothies are a great high-protein (44g!) get-up-and-go breakfast!

All four versions feature a creamy blend of milk, whey, yogurt and chunks of real fruit. Smoothies mix easily in cool water for a quick and healthy starter.

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Berry BerryBerry BerryKiwi Berry
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Tropic Fusion NutritionEat a Peach Nutrition
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Cook Time
Prep Ease
3.6 oz
12 oz
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  • Cook-In Bag Meal - Just Add Water
    • This meal requires cool water when 'cooked' in the bag
    • Rehydration time is about 5 minutes
  • Flavors
    • Berry Berry - the sweetest and most popular flavor
    • Kiwi Berry - a very similar flavor to Berry Berry, but a bit less sweet
    • Eat a Peach - a smooth, creamy and mild flavor
    • Tropic Fusion - coconut and pineapple, a tropical paradise
  • Serving Size
    • Single serving meal makes one large (14 oz) serving
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free

Jump Start Fruit Smoothie - Berry Berry


Jump Start Fruit Smoothie - Kiwi Berry


Jump Start Fruit Smoothie - Tropic Fusion


Jump Start Fruit Smoothie - Eat a Peach

Contains a backpacking superfood - milk!
Everyone knows that milk on a daily basis is a good source for the calcium important to building strong bones . . . but it’s even more important when bones have been stressed by a day of hiking or climbing. Milk is also a good source of protein, zinc and vitamin B which all work to keep you going strong at home . . . and especially on the trail.

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  • Author: Gabino
    One of my favorite 'get going' breakfast meals. Even though it has a good fruit flavor, I embellish it with some crumpled freeze dried fruit just to give it some crunch. Add some granola or cereal to make this a hardier meal.
  • Author: Deadparrot
    So far have really enjoyed these! As a vegetarian protein is always my goal in a meal, these are delicious and nutritious! Great for my brand of long kayak camping trips!
  • Author: Jared D
    I recently tried both the Berry Berry and Eat A Peach varieties. They were both VERY DELICIOUS with a great fruit flavor. They were also very filling and a nutritious way to start the day. I have done several week long trips on the PCT over the years, and I have been searching for a good "no cook" breakfast option for the days when miles are the goal and quickly hitting the trail at sunrise is critical. These smoothies are the answer! That being said, they are so good, I'll be taking them on all my back country trips, regardless of length. Thank you Packit Gourmet!
  • Author: CoreyR
    While spending three days paddling the South Fork of the Shenendoah the Eat a Peach and the Berry Berry were mighty tasty and sure hit the spot in the mornings!
  • Author: Edward
    The snow was deeper and the trail steeper so we pushed and pushed not to get caught out in the dark. When we finally got back to the hut having had just a few hand fulls of trail mix we were starved and exhausted. This is the perfect meal, easy - real easy- fast and has the calories you need to recover. Every camper, hiker and back country explorer should have one of these for those hard days.
  • Author: M. Staker
    just finished a rim to rim grand canyon hike and did a "no cook trip" The smoothies were great for breakfast. Great flavor and actually quite a nice milk flavor. Had the berry based on other reviews but also tried the tropical. Added a blueberry bliss luna bar - perfect breakfast on the trail.
  • Author: Randy Martin
    The only thing I use for breakfast in the mountains. It is quickly digested and gives me sustained energy so I can hike for hours. Tastes great as well!!
  • Author: David Moore
    Very good, highly recommended. I tried every flavour and enjoyed them all. I had one for breakfast with a porridge oats bar and the combination of the two worked well. I even looked forward to breakfast on the trail which is not something that normally happens. The thing I liked the most about them was they packed very well in a bear canister when I was on the JMT.
  • Author: Gregg
    Astonishingly good! We tried these as an experiment and they all got eaten before the trip. They're so great that it's hard to believe they can be late-trip packable food. Time to order more!

    Both Berry Berry and Kiwi Berry were favorites.
  • Author: Debra PODESTA
    not filling enough to eat alone
  • Author: Megan
    I had the Eat a Peach one & it is SUPER GOOD!!!! I was taste-testing at home bc I can get kind of finicky on the trail (especially at breakfast) & I will definitely be ordering more of this. It tasted a little like instant pudding, but very very good. I don't know if it would be as good with warmer water, but I would still drink it for sure.

    Prep: Very simple, took just a minute or 2, but the ziplock part of my bag separated when I opened it so I had to roll the top over a few times, then shake it. There were still some small pieces of unmixed powder, but it added texture that wasn't too bad.
  • Author: Kevin B.
    If you're not set on making your own (I'm quite lazy when it comes to trail food), consider the Jump-Start Fruit Smoothies from PackIt Gourmet. I've only tried the Berry-Berry but it was great. They have 35g of protein and the bag they come in is rigid enough to easily drink from so you don't have any other cleanup.

    Originally posted on BackpackingLight
  • Author: Thomas V.
    Stove used: none
    This was something that I never thought I was going to be able to use or enjoy. It was peach flavored and I loathe peaches and during the Texas summer I had no idea where I would find the cold water that the instructions called for. Guess what? I fooled the hell out of myself on this one. After camping for three days on the beach I was hot, parched, and pretty much tired of drinking beer or water. I broke out the Jump Start Fruit Smoothie, mixed it with melted ice water from an ice chest and let it sit for a few minutes.

    I cannot even begin to describe how refreshing it was. It was cool. It was fruity. It hit the spot on a scorching morning at Padre Island National Sea Shore. For someone who really does not like peaches, I really liked this drink. My only issue is that the fruit chunks needed to soak and rehydrate a bit longer, but I was thirsty and in search of something cool to drink. I have to give this item a great deal of respect. It was so much better than I imagined and was a welcome relief from plain water.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Carol C.
    This smoothie was a free bonus from Packit Gourmet. It has a whopping 40 g of protein per serving. I drank it for breakfast on the Wheeler trip and was running on full for hours. Stirring was not enough to break up the lumps, but a good shaking in the AntiGravityGear Trail Designs Caldera Kitchen 4 cup screw lid container with cozy did the trick. The peaches still had some freeze dried crunch after 20 minutes - I'd prefer them to be softer. The taste was deliciously peachy with a powdered milk taste familiar from other protein drinks I've had.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Bob S.
    This was a nice change of pace. Super easy to make and a nice size portion.

    Preparation: I call this - smoothie in a bag. Prep could not have been easier. Pour cold water and the smoothie mix into the larger outer bag. Seal it up and shake it vigorously. Shaking makes it kind of frothy.

    Taste: Simple, flavorful and refreshing. It even had little pieces of peach floating around on top.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Trevor
    The Fruit Smoothie made for a great desert and goes very well with the 151 rum that I carry as fuel, antiseptic and "pain killer".
  • Author: MountainGirlMacy
    Had the peach smoothie for breakfast, so delicious -- thickened up great with real chunks of fruit. I recommend bringing along some granola to make it a heartier breakfast, but two thumbs up!
Price: $5.99
Price: $3.99


"Exactly what I want in a breakfast," says one tester, "fast, no mess, great taste. It's like a creamy yogurt drink without a strong yogurt flavor, and you can really taste the fruit." And with 420 calories, 42 grams of carbs, and 35 grams of protein, this really can serve as breakfast. Testers' only wish: even more fruit chunks. Prep couldn't be easier: add cold water and stir. Comes in four flavors: Berry Berry (our fave), Tropic Fusion, Kiwi Berry and Eat a Peach.

  Backpacker Magazine Essential, April 2011