• Cook-In-Bags™

These resealable plastic pouches are approved for freezing, boiling and microwaving - perfect for Freezer Bag Cooking in the wilderness. The zipper closure and 3+ inch flat bottom make these bags easy to fill with your favorite camping food - making rehydrating at camp a breeze!

  • FDA approved for food contact
  • Does not contain dioxin or BPA
  • Approved for use with boiling water, freezing and microwaving
  • Resealable zipper closure
  • Flat/Gusseted bottom
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  • Bag Thickness: 5.0 mil
  • This is designed as a single use product. It is not certified for multiple uses. 


  Bag Size
Width x Height x Gusset (Bottom)
Volume* Weight
Small Bags 5" x 8" x 3" 2 Cups 8 grams
Medium Bags 6" x 9.37" x 3.25" 3.5 Cups 10 grams
Large Bags 6.69" x 11" x 3.5" 6 Cups 13 grams

*Volume measurement leaves one inch of 'head space' to allow for sealing.



WARNING: Do not submerge bag in boiling water. Bags are approved for pouring boiling water into the bag, over food but not for submerging the bag in boiling water. Please see our Boilable Bags if you'd like to submerge your bags in boiling water for an extended period of time.


We recommend pairing your Cook-In-Bags™ with a Cook-In-Cozy™ to help retain heat, reduce fuel usage and result in a hotter meal.



Minutes Passed
With Cook-In-Cozie™ Without Cook-In-Cozie™
195° 195°
195° 192°
195° 191°
194° 190°
192° 190°
192° 189°
190° 188°
190° 184°
190° 183°
190° 181°
190° 180°
188° 180°
188° 180°
188° 179°
188° 178°
188° 175°
188° 173°
188° 171°
187° 170°
187° 170°

*Heat loss is three times greater without the Cook-In-Cozy


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  • Author: Stilhikin
    I bought these based on Seo's review ;)
  • Author: 5arx
    I've never cooked in them, but they do make great ahem personal convenience items for campers. As per http://sectionhiker.com/the-best-pee-bottle-is-not-a-bottle/
  • Author: Steven Solomon
    I've tried and used they bags, love them. Today I'm ordering 36 more because there are that great. It makes meal time so much easier. Just add boiling water to dehydrated food that I made, place in foil cozy and 45 minutes later I'm ready for dinner. All the clean-up is my spark. Bag gets rolled up and comes out with my trash. Perfect is all I can say!
  • Author: Michael Phillips
    These bags are great! I recommend them to anyone looking for a way to minimize cleanup and reduce weight. I prepare my meals ahead of time in them before my hiking trip. All I have to do is add water that has just finished boiling to the bag with meal. My cleanup amounts to cleaning my titanium spork I carry with me. The bag goes in my pack-out trash. Great product. I recommend them often when given the chance.
  • Author: Jani Rowley
    I have used two sizes of these bags on extended backpacking trips. They are great for making my own freeze dried meals.I am able to create meals that are to my liking with my own selection of ingredients. My fellow hikers are envious when I tell them what I am eating that evening. The bags hold up well on long trips and when used, pack down small for packing out. The small size is perfect for individual meals and the medium has worked for two of us. They are easy to seal and the gusset on the bottom makes them sturdy when standing for heating.
  • Author: Sarah Kirkconnell
    I got an order of these bags from PackitGourmet last month and have had fun trying them out. While pricey, they are a great alternative for freezer bags if one desires a heavy duty version. They are rated for boiling water to be added inside and are food grade plastic.

    Originally posted on the Trail Cooking & The Outdoors blog.
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