Diced - Freeze-Dried

Mixed into granola, baked into cobbler or just eaten on their own, freeze-dried apples are a wonderful addition to any wilderness menu.

4.55 fork rating
(from 100 fork ratings)

About Our Apples

  • Dietary Considerations: vegan; all-natural
  • Net Weight: 1 oz | 28 g
    • package contains approximately 1/3 cup apples
  • Characteristics:
    • freeze-dried
    • diced
  • Insider Tip:  enjoy without rehydrating as a crunchy, tasty snack
  • Wow!  1 oz of freeze dried apples is approximately equivalent to 10 oz (0.67 lbs) of fresh apples.
Cooking method
just add water
Water required
1 T apples + 1 tsp water
cool water
Cook time
5 minutes

Ingredients & Nutrition

Apple, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Calcium Chloride
Special Notes:

Processed in a facility that handles wheat, egg, milk, soybean, peanut and tree nut products

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