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Backcountry Nutrition

Backpacking Superfoods
Which food will give you the most bang for the weight? Read up on Backpacking Superfoods and find out which foods are best suited to your outdoor activity levels and needs. 
Nutrition Per Ounce
Want to get the maximum amount of nutrition by weight? We’ve broken down nearly every item available in our General Grocery based upon the nutrition contained in one ounce of that food item. Get the greatest possible amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates or protein and/or the least amount of cholesterol or sodium. 




Understanding Dried Foods

Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Explained
Backpackers and campers oftentimes struggle with choosing between dehydrated or freeze-dried ingredients when planning a backcountry menu. Make better choices by learning about the pros and cons of each type of food. 
All About Milk
What’s with all the various types of powdered milk? What is the difference between them? Which should I choose? Learn about powdered milk types and the pros and cons of each. 

Storage & Shelf-Life of Dried Foods
How should you store your freeze-dried and dehydrated foods to guarantee the greatest possible shelf-life? Read up on the recommended techniques both before and after you open the package. 
Fresh/Dry Equivalencies
Ever wonder how much an ounce of freeze-dried or dehydrated spinach really is? Check out our chart to find out how much fresh corn it takes to make a single ounce of dried corn. 
Rehydration Ratios
Cooking up a storm but not sure how much water to use? Our Rehydration Ratio Table lists the water-to-food ratios and approximate rehydration times needed for a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods – allowing you to choose the ingredients that work best with your personal cooking style and taste!




Trip & Menu Planning

The Meal Chart Explained
Our ‘at a glance’ Meal Chart is included on every meal page and every meal label – as a quick and easy reference for how much time, water, etc. is needed for your meal. Have questions? Read on for detailed information on every aspect of our chart! 

Backcountry Menu Guide
Your body needs different types of food when spending the day hiking or paddling than it does in everyday life. Our menu guide will help you plan your meals so that your body gets the right amount of fuel for your trip… which will make your days all the more enjoyable! 
General Tips & Advice
There are a million things to think about when planning your trip, selecting a menu, setting up camp and preparing a meal in the wilderness. We’ve put together a collection of tips and tricks we’ve found useful over the years ranging from our favorite cooking techniques to keeping food safe in bear country. 
Camp Kitchen Packing List
Are you sure you have everything you need for your trip? Take a quick look at our recommended gear list and make sure you are prepared. 




Fresh Food in the Outdoors 

The Everlasting Tortilla
Tortillas are one of the most versatile and easily-packed types of bread available to campers. But how long will they last on the trail without getting moldy? The answer:  a surprisingly long time! 

How to Hike with Cheese
Love fresh cheese but aren’t sure how well it will hold up on your hike? Learn some tips for choosing the right type of cheese for the backcountry and what you can do to make it last the length of your trip.





How to Bake in the Backcountry
Ever find yourself wishing for a little fresh bread after a few days out in the backcountry?  We do!  Skillet Baking is our answer to indulging ourselves with ‘fresh-baked’ bread without having to carry along specialized equipment. 

How To Fillet a Fish
Nothing beats delicious, freshly caught fish as an addition to any trail menu. Read on to learn more about how to properly skin and fillet a small or large fish.