2009 Backpacker Magazine Essential!

Peanut porridge is a street food served all over Jamaica – the ultimate pick-up and go breakfast!

Our version is a high protein, mildly sweet and delicious blend of ground peanuts, oats, coconut and Caribbean spices.

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Jamaican Peanut Porridge


Can't stomach another packet of instant oatmeal? Tuck into a yummy bowl of Packit Gourmet's Jamaican Peanut Porridge. It's a creamy breakfast of oats, coconut, ground peanuts and spices.

  Backpacker Magazine Essentials, April 2009


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Weighs # Pots
Water Need
Heat Need
Cook Time
Prep Ease
2.7 oz
10 oz



  • Cook-In Bag Meal - Just Add Water
    • This meal requires boiling water when cooked in the bag
    • Rehydration time is about 10 minutes
  • Makes one large (10 oz) serving or two small (5 oz) servings

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  • Author: stephen strayer
    Very filling and warms up your whole body on a cold morning, and you can suck on the cinnamon stick for a midmorning flavor burst
  • Author: Michelle Beck
    I couldn't wait until my trip, so I made up a pouch of this straight away. This is a far cry from a packet of instant oatmeal! Not an overpowering peanut flavor at all, in fact, perfectly blended flavors. Would be nice on a rainy morning. I added a bit of ground cayenne for a kick. However, next time I prep it, I will only add 8 oz of water so it is less soupy while hiking.
  • Author: Kimberly Hewitt
    Looking for something truly different? Of all the things on this site, this is my favorite. served warm its very filling and soooo much better then oatmeal. The mix of spices leaves you smiling
  • Author: James Holcomb
    I love this stuff. It's great on a damp chilly morning, more filling than oatmeal or other hot cereal type breakfast, definitely a unique taste. For me, it's great as it is, no need to add anything. I would sneak up on the water though, as it can be easy to overshoot. Not that it's all that critical, just makes it a bit runny or you have to put it aside for a few more minutes.

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