Boilable, microwaveable and freezeable! These bags are made specifically for cooking food by filling them with the contents of your choice and submerging in boiling water - which makes them safe for use with the famous 'ziploc omelet'! This is the perfect way to enjoy egg dishes without dirtying your frying pan! Our boilable bags are large enough to fill with the contents of your choice and still have space to easily secure the top.

  • FDA approved for food contact
  • Does not contain dioxin or BPA
  • Approved for boiling, freezing and microwaving
  • Fastener not included
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Boilable Bags
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  • Bag Volume: Approximately 5 Cups. This leaves a bit of space for cinching the top closed.
  • Bag Thickness: 3.0 mil
  • Bag Size: 6" x 12"
  • Bag Weight: 9 grams each
  • This is designed as a single use product. It is not certified for multiple uses.


Boilable Bag FAQ

Can I use a Boilable Bag to prepare eggs in my JetBoil?

Yes. We have used the boilable bags with JetBoil's classic "personal cooking system" model and they work great. Eggs cook to desired doneness just fine in about 8 minutes with one "scramble;" and although the pot is smaller than a standard cookpot, the boilable bag and its contents fit well enough to do the trick. We suggest that you cinch the bag to start; after about 3 minutes open the bag and give the eggs mixture a "scramble" with a spoon; re-cinch the bag and continue until the eggs are done.  We use a silicone lid on ours to hold in the heat. 


How should I close my Boilable Bag?

Because the Boilable Bags are so tall it is possible to simply lay the bag over the side of the cookpot and secure in place with the lid. This negates the need for a fastener and allows for easy access when checking to see if your egg or other contents have thoroughly cooked through.

If you would like to use a fastener, we recommend a twist tie. There is often plenty of unused bag making it easy to use many different types of fasteners with success, however, the fastener should be heat tolerant if it will be near your heat source for some time.

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  • Author: Daniel King
    These work just as advertised! I used them on a group overnight backpacking trip to Fall Creek Falls, and made 3 "hiker omelets" the next morning- they were awesome! The only thing I don't like is that the bag has no good way of being sealed (think liquid eggs inside your pack). I folded the tops over multiple times and taped them. Not ideal, but it worked.

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