2010 Backpacker Magazine Essential! We don’t know about you, but the number one food that we crave after a long trip in the backcountry is a hamburger. So we’ve designed a ¼ lb burger that can be taken along! It’s lightweight, uses less than ¼ cup of water and tastes great! Crave a little more? Add “The Works” to include cheddar cheese, tomatoes and onions on your burger.

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All-American Burger Wrap

Why wait until after the trip to get that burger you're craving? "This actually tastes like it came off the grill," says one tester. The meat is a little crumbly but not dry; wrap it in a tortilla (BYO) with ketchup, mayo, mustard and relish (included in separate packets, so yes, you can have it your way). Testers also liked this company's deli-style Roast Beef Wrap.

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3.9 oz None
1.5 oz
Super EZ
7.6 oz
3 oz
Optional 15<
Super EZ



  • Cook-In Bag Meal - Just Add Water
    • This meal can be cooked in the bag with hot or cool water
    • Rehydration time is about 15-20 minutes
  • Serving Size
    • Single serving meal makes one large ¼ pounder or 2 smaller wraps (6 oz of filling)
    • Two person meal makes two large ¼ pounders or 4 smaller wraps (12 oz of filling)
  • BYOB-Tortillas* - traditional size
  • Great for lunch or dinner
  • Included Condiment Packets:




BYOB (Bring Your Own Bread) - Tortillas
Tortillas are best eaten fresh and become susceptible to mold if not eaten quickly. To ensure that you’re enjoying the freshest meal available, we ask that you pack your own bread products. If you live in an area where tortillas are not available, please contact us and we’ll overnight you a package of tortillas for your trip (charges apply).

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  • Author: Opus
    Surprisingly very good! I had my doubts and didn't actually order this one, it was mis-shipped in place of the soup and they let me keep it while sending a replacement meal. Tasted a lot like a hamburger!
  • Author: Bob S.
    Made one good sized serving that I used to fill 2 tortillas I brought along. I ate this for lunch while I stopped midday. The directions say you can use hot or cold water. I opted to fire up my little alcohol stove and heat up some water. I had a cup of tea to go with it.

    Preparation: Just add water and mix up right in the cook-in-bag meals. It's super easy and there are no dishes to clean. The burger took the full 15 minutes to get soft. Comes with ketchup, mustard, sweat relish and mayo packets that I just squeezed over the top of the burger laid down the center of the tortilla. The directions recommend mixing them with the burger but this was easier. For me two medium sized burritos was a satisfying lunch.

    Taste: They did taste like a spicy, crumbly, burger, burrito thing. The condiments actually made it feel more like a burger. Next time I will bring some cheese and let it melt on top of the hot burger.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Carol C.
    This came in a one-serving package so there was no need to repackage it. I ate it for a late dinner at the Chevelon Creek trail head. The burger can be rehydrated with cool or hot water, or cooked in a pot over low heat for 3-5 minutes. I opted for the last option since it was late, and I was hungry. The burger and additives rehydrated nicely using a quarter ounce of fuel in a Caldera Cone/AntiGravityGear stove system fitted for an 1100 ml (37 oz) titanium pot. There were a just a few bits of crunch here and there, but this did not affect the taste. The taste was spicier than I like for a burger - a peppery (black pepper) taste I believe. I like spicy food, but wanted something blander in a burger. With that said, the flavor was full and rich. I used the prep mat that I'd requested since adding the condiments to the burger got messy. I added all the condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup, and pickle relish) and burger to a tortilla. It truly was a satisfying meal. Although the directions specify there are two wraps worth, I was able to stuff almost all of it into one 8 in (20 cm) tortilla. Two tortillas would have made the meal even more filling. I don't think the burger would have been substantial enough for me if I'd eaten it without the tortilla.

    Originally posted on BackpackGearTest
  • Author: Animated_Hiker
    Made two big tortillas full of burger and extras...I had some extra avocado to add to mine. Very satisfying.
  • Author: Chuckd76
    This was really good although the name is misleading. The meat is more akin to taco meat, with pieces of onion and a spicy sauce. Instead of having them as burgers, I opted to mix up some cheese sauce powder and added green chili salsa(both also from packit gourmet). I ended up with two good sized burritos that tasted great.
  • Author: Troy
    I have had this a few times now and it has become a staple for my wife and I. We usually skip the fixings, add taco seasoning (about a quarter package), cheese and hot sauce to have some great soft tacos! If you haven't tried this yet, you need to!
  • Author: VAP
    A nice tasty trail lunch and will be a regular addition to my food bag. Does need a little more water than what is stated in the directions.
  • Author: Megan
    I wanted so badly to like this meal. I was very excited about eating it while on the trail. Unfortunately I was disappointed. Maybe mine was a fluke, but it had TONS of black pepper and other spices (already mixed in the beef). Way way wayyyy too much seasoning. It was so strong I couldn't eat it. Maybe include that in a separate packet & I would purchase it again.
  • Author: Nathalie
    Easy to prepare, tasted good and it was very filling. Ate it with tortillas (medium) burrito style and was able to make 3 out of the 2 person meal. For ease, we threw in the works while it was re-hydrating and ended up with a yummy quick meal.
  • Author: SeaWriter
    Made the first one to specs - too peppery/salty but ate it. Made the 2nd one this way; hydrated with extra water, poured it off at end of hydration, did not add cheese bag, added sliced shelf-stable swiss and the mustard-mayo-ketchup. Much less salty-spicy and smelled great - best breakfast I've had so far. Next time I think I'll add a Minimus A-1 packet.

    I think this would make a great taco, and I was thinking of using the hot Queso to mix in, then putting it in corn taco shells. Also adding reconstituted sour cream powder, and maybe some reconstituted pico de gallo .. Yum!
  • Author: Melissa
    I just skied around Crater Lake for 3 days. I had the All American Burger wrap on the first day. It was so tasty and quite large. It was the first time coming out of the backcountry that I didn't crave a burger!"
  • Author: Willie
    Made it per instructions and had to add another 2 tablespoons of water. After that we filled 2 burrito wraps, added some sharp cheddar with condiments and really enjoyed it. I just ordered more for an upcoming trip. Very superior to anything that I've found in the "all in one" bag meals.

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